We Promise: No Up Front Fees! No Obligation No Risk!


We work with Canadians with disabilities who may qualify for up to $35,000.  We do all the work, calls and correspondence to Canada Revenue Agency's Disability Tax Credit Office on your behalf.  To date we have 100% success rate and make sure you receive all the DTC refund you are entitled to.   Each client we talk to is unique.  We do a thorough Assessment to make sure you qualify.  WE ARE PASSIONATE IN HELPING DISABLED CANADIANS TO RECEIVE THEIR DISABILITY TAX REFUND! WE ADVOCATE FOR YOU!! READ WHAT OTHERS HAVE TO SAY AFTER THEY RECEIVED THEIR DISABILITY TAX REFUND CHEQUE FROM CRA.

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We, as Canadians need to know the Government services that are available to us.  This means it is up to us to find out what we are entitled to and how to go about getting it.  We will see you through this tax maze by doing all the necessary Govenrment  documents for you.  Some have tried and were denied by CRA due to technical errors.  WE CAN HELP! Unless we are successful you pay nothing.  SO NO RISK TO YOU!

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Who Can Benefit? Anyone who has had a prolonged medical condition, children or persons on CPP Disability, individuals on PWD, (marked restriction, permanent or temporary) that has affected their daily living activities in the last ten (10) years.  The tax benefit can be claimed by family members who provide support for other disabled family member(s) or their spouses (common law included).  THIS IS A TAX REFUND.  It is transferable to those who provide food, clothing, shelter and pay the bills.


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We Promise: No Up Front Fees! No Obligation No Risk!